5 Superfoods for Beautiful Winter Skin


It may be mid-November but that doesn’t mean your skin has to say goodbye to its lovely summer glow.

While drier air, whipping winds and harsher temperatures definitely declare war on a gorgeous visage, incorporating the right superfoods into your diet can help hydrate and heal from the inside out. From tried and true superfoods to some new skin-savers you may not know, we’ve collected the top five foods to eat all winter long for gorgeous, season-proof skin.


This bluish-green algae rich in amino acids, omega 3s, fatty acids, minerals, protein, calcium and beta carotene is one of the best skin-saving superfoods in the world. Chlorella tops the chart for improving skin density, elasticity and providing your cells with exactly the nutrition it needs to regenerate. Added bonus? Chlorella is a known toxic-remover and serious immune booster – meaning it won’t just be your skin that stays healthy this winter!


OK, so this superfood reveal isn’t going to make headlines – but sometimes you just can’t beat a tried and true classic. Spinach has been a favorite superfood since Popeye asked Olive Oil to go steady. However, just because we know all about spinach – doesn’t mean we’re getting enough of it. In fact, kale may be “trendier” but spinach is where it’s at for winter-skin blues. Jam-packed with vitamins E, C, K and fatty acids, spinach helps skin lock in hydration – boosting radiance, texture and tone (thanks vitamin C & E). Vitamin K helps clear up pesky under eye circles which can be exacerbated during the winter from drier air. Not a big fan of leafy greens? Adding a handful of spinach to your fruit smoothie will give you the raw punch you need – without tasting like salad.

Acerola Cherry

Not unlike the cherries you’re used to eating, the Acerola Cherry is a nutrient dense fruit that’s packing a serious vitamin C punch. It’s extreme levels of vitamin C (which we ALL could use a lot more of) are known to brighten your skin – meaning you can say goodbye to that wintery, ashen color – otherwise known as “death mask.” Brimming with antioxidants, Acerola Cherry protects skin from harmful free radicals and damaging UV rays all season long.


Ash-what? Before you decide this sounds too complicated for your routine trip to Whole Foods – consider what you’re missing. Cited by Deepak Chopra’s website (so you know it’s good) as one of the “most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing”, Ashwagandha is a superhero known for strengthening the immune system, promoting brain-cell regeneration and overall system rejuvenation. Because Ashwagandha contains fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, alkaloids, choline and more, it’s a great source of healthy energy and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory aid. As you already know, inflammation causes the breakdown of cells, which then appear as fine lines and collagen depletion in our skin. Ashwagandha will help keep cell destruction at bay and your skin smooth and wrinkle free. The best part? You won’t have to run to every natural food store in town. Because we know how important Ashwagandha is for optimal wellness, we’ve included the perfect serving size in every bottle of Veden.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, a healthy source of antioxidants, omega 3 and fiberThe benefits of chia seeds are certainly no secret – chances are you’ve been adding them to your soups, oatmeal, salads and smoothies for years. However, what you might not know is that chia seeds are perfectly balanced with Omega 3s and Omega 6s. As vegans are well-aware, finding a plant-based food that covers all your necessary fatty acids is pretty much like striking the plant-based lottery. These essential fatty acids keep your skin hydrated, supple and soft –  even when the temperatures drop. Also loaded with zinc (which fights fine lines) vitamin E, potassium (regulates hormone-related breakouts) magnesium and protein – consider chia seeds your comprehensive skin-loving food this winter. 

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, (it’s so easy to stop drinking water when it’s cold) moisturize with an organic skin cream and protect your face with a non-toxic sunscreen and you’ll have your most-glowing winter skin yet!

Did we forget a superfood you swear by? Let us know how you stay radiant all year long in the comments below!