Farm Founded in 1995

Our story starts back in January of 1995—a time when family farms were on the brink of extinction. There was only a handful of organic farmers left in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley which shared a love for the land. We also shared the belief that a new, sustainable approach to agriculture could help family farms and rural communities survive.

Folks back then, just like you today, were concerned with food quality and environmental issues. They were looking for more natural, nutritious food—food grown without synthetic and potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We realized that most of the local produce was being processed and distributed through government packing houses. The produce is often layered with wax preservatives for longer storage life and eventually reaching the consumer months later.

Many farmers began picking their crops fresh, packing it up in their trucks and driving further away from the Okanagan Valley to share all this delicious organic produce with new communities. After a couple years of pop-up fruit stands and travelling all over British Columbia, including many communities on the Gulf Islands, it became a sustainable business to grow and deliver their own crops. A truly great feeling, and all the hard work pays off.

Alas, the Farmers Markets are buzzing and many of us have the opportunity to eat organic fresh produce. Unfortunately, many fruits and vegetables are seasonal in BC which leaves an unhealthy gap in our diet and nutrition. Veden has set a mission to recover those lost months by collectively sourcing ingredients from organic farmers across British Columbia and some! Taking full advantage of the exciting new Far-Infrared Technology, Veden was created to make organic plant-based nutrition accessible and affordable for anyone!!

While the Farmers Market communities continued to blossom, we began growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs to blend up smoothies at our booth. It wasn’t long until we outgrew our little smoothie bar and had to find a new way of distributing our produce. When we found out about Far-Infrared Technology, we created Veden with a promise to make organic raw plant-based nutrition accessible and affordable for anyone who wants it!

Our Promise

We’re enriching lives with the world’s finest & freshest organic vegan products. Veden provides the highest quality nutritional products at the best value anywhere. It wasn’t easy combining all the amazing fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs into one product; AND having it taste Delicious, AND be affordable AND accessible for everyone, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!!

Organic Ingredients

Our organic ingredients abide by the strict criteria of Health Canada and the USDA certified organic program to ensure the highest quality sourcing, purity, and sustainable agricultural practices.

No Fairy Dusting

Scientifically researched and carefully crafted to exceed every nutritional standard established by the FDA and Health Canada. We have included the suggested daily amount of each ingredient, backed by Peer-Reviewed Studies from PubMed. If you would like to read some of the PubMed studies, please don’t hesitate to ask!!

Farm To Ocean

From our community of farms in the Okanagan Valley to the nutrient rich Pacific Ocean, we have designed Veden to be sourced from the freshest local ingredients British Columbia has to offer.