Dylan Bennest

This has been my morning go to for the last 4 months, just adding water and sometimes a handful of frozen berries makes for a delicious healthy shake and I am loving it!

Highly recommended for anyone trying to get cut at the gym or for those who like to sleep in like me and leave little to no time for breakfast 🙂

Dylan Bennest - Personal Trainer
Lee Mounsey

Since taking Veden, I have enjoyed my most successful triathlon ever, setting significant personal best Ironman in Whistler, Half Ironman and Marathon times. This is the perfect balanced nutritional shake to pack with you while you are on the road.

With Veden, I know that no matter how tough a training day, a race or recovery from an injury is going to be, at the end, I will be eating a balanced diet to keep my body strong & ready for anything!

Lee Mounsey - Triathlete
Andrew Sakamoto

I have always played sports and been active, but I was uneducated on nutrition and supplements. Since I was introduced to Veden, I have learned what it takes to have a balanced diet and now I have tons of energy for my soccer games. The fact that I can take a quick shake that covers all my daily recommended nutrients and greens while I rush out the door is pricesless!

I would highly recommend trying Veden for yourself, as I have been using their all in one shake for several months now and couldn’t be more thrilled.

Andrew Sakamoto - Soccer Player