Dianna Moore

In my current lifestyle, it is a fact that I get too busy to prepare delicious, nutritious meals every night after working in the city for myself and my husband. With Veden, I know that all the research has been done for me to provide a perfect whole food shake, which is just one less stressful thing to worry about.

Dianna Moore - Beautiful New York City
Kylie Trewavis

What a great idea ! I have only just started the Veden Fit Kit program and am loving the fact that you have organic meal-shakes all day. “For once I am not left feeling hungry”.Although life is good I do not have alot of time. I have a very busy lifestyle with quite a demanding job which involves travel.

I have often resorted to buying weight watchers meals, Lean Cruisines, in the quest to lose weight when having little time to cook.I know for sure this will help keep me on track, quick and easy ,no soy or dairy or preservatives, have long shelf life and just the sheer conveinience for when you are too tired to cook.Great work Veden !

Kylie Trewavis - Marketing Director
Casey K Carter

I work full time operating a busy hair salon with two children in school. Sometimes the days are not long enough and it would be great not to have to go shopping for organic produce time and time again, leaving literally no time left in the day to relax. Honestly, I’ve never had any real success with energy supplements or other meal replacements, but Veden simply works as a whole food should. Bonus, it taste great and cost the same as a starbucks coffee.

Casey K Carter - Hair Salon Owner