Andrea Holzinger

This is a great all in one protein shake, with no soy, no dairy and it’s completely gluten-free! (meets my strict dietary needs). Something you don’t come across often, but this is a staple in my supplement program. Keep it coming Veden! Thanks

Andrea Holzinger - World Traveller
Sheila Oien

For the last 25 years of being in the field of nutrition I have made it my mission to encourage people to become aware about preventive life style to accomplish better health.

The product from the first little spoon tasting, straight from the package, was a “WOW”!!! It got my immediate attention to want more product as well as more information about the company. The great videos I watched on there website gave me a quality presentation about Veden. My belief system was quickly felt in such a positive energy that this product is unique.

Now I know that I could and should share Veden proudly!

Sheila Oien - Health Store Owner
Helen & Ton

My Wife Helen and I have been together for nearly 52 years , during our marriage she has worked for many years in various marketing organizations around nutrition.

We were delighted when friends introduced us to Veden as we have always been in search of a safe food source. We feel that everybody will need this product in the coming years.

Not only is Veden good for you but it tastes GOOD. We start our day by simply adding Veden to a glass of water every morning.

We believe that with Veden we will be able to help our church and assist many of it’s members feel healthier by taking the product and to reap the rewards financially as Veden Health Ambassador.

Helen & Ton - Happy Grandparents