Evelyn Grace

I am a busy mother, trying to lose about 10 lbs and frequently under eats and reached for the wrong food (for me – carbs).. The Veden Fit Kit is the best! Especially, with the addition of the slim capsules.

Powers me up without bloat or trouble digesting. Helps me lose weight and stay happy while doing so.

Evelyn Grace - Mother of four
Katelyn Amos

My Veden powder tub arrived on time and in great condition. I absolutely love the taste of the shake, it isn’t overly sweet but you can still drink it on its own. Light berries flavor, but that just makes it easier to mix with other things. I usually blend it with rice milk, some peanut butter and a little cocoa powder to give it an added chocolate boost. The shake digests wonderfully, unlike some whey and soy shakes I have tried in the past. Overall, I am extremely happy with this product and I will definitely buy it again.

Katelyn Amos - Smoothie Enthusiast
Kirsten Walls

As a busy mother of two I have a little time to exercise and prepare high protein, high fiber meals. Using the Fit Kit with Veden shakes by was a simple and delicious way of reaching my weight loss goals. I lost 27 lbs in only 3 months.

Kirsten Walls - Busy mother of two
Dana Riley

I have seen several reviews regarding this product. First off, it tastes great when mixed correctly. I am not sure how many other protein powders other reviewers have tried, but this is just as good, if not better, than most. If you want a vegan protein option that supports weight training or endurance training, this is your best bet. Other vegan powders such as Vega are extremely expensive. Second, this is a fantastic price. You basically get twice the amount for around the price that you would pay at a local green grocery.

Dana Riley - Vegan baker mom
Michelle Parkes

mix this with some frozen berries and water. Tastes great, best protein shake I’ve tried. I’ve been drinking this every morning for 4 months and would recommend to anyone, especially busy moms that don’t have a lot of time to make food for themselves.

Michelle Parkes - Busy Mother

Ask my husband and he will tell you I’m one of the world’s pickiest eaters. I also typically fall way short in the protein category, and since I’m trying to get into a good fitness routine, having the right recovery foods is important. I’ve tried more protein powder supplements than I can count. I also am a fan of keeping my diet as plant based as possible. So when I saw this dairy free, organic plant based formula I decided to give it a shot.

And it was really good. Unlike other powders where the after taste is nasty, Veden had a really nice berry taste afterwards. And most important of all to me, it mixed absolutely beautifully. I tasted no chalkiness, no lumps, and I managed to drink all the mix – which I never do with supplement drinks. For me, this powder is worth the cost. I’ll be able to get more of the nurtients I need from sources I feel good about and I actually liked the taste and texture. Definitely a 5 star product for me!

Raivyn - Fitness mom