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What is Veden //

Cutting-Edge Bitcoin Mining. Crowdfunded.

Not a pool. Not a cloud. Veden is today’s most advanced bitcoin mining infrastructure with low-cost electricity. So everyone profits. Be a part of it. Join us today.

Monthly Payouts

Monthly Payouts

Each month you get your share of what Veden mines for as long as you own your VDN Tokens.

Ultra-Low-Cost Electricity

Ultra-Low-Cost Electricity

At $0.035 USD / kWh, Veden will have the lowest electricity rates in Europe.

Lifetime Token

Lifetime Token

VDN Tokens will receive mining profits for the life of the project – as long as mining remains profitable.

80% Community, 20% Operations

80% Community, 20% Operations

80 percent of all VDN Tokens will be available to the public during our Crowdsale.

As a Veden Community Member, you will earn, on average, 41% more than if you were mining at home. Veden spends 60% less on electricity and 17% less on hardware.


Best Location: Norway

Best Location: Norway

Norway is ideal in terms of low-cost electricity and supply stability. As well, its Northern climate helps keep equipment cool.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Veden is managed by leading cryptocurrency mining experts who have previously built two facilities.

A Secure Bitcoin Investment

A Secure Bitcoin Investment

Veden’s operational experience is so efficient that the VDN token can be profitable at very low crypto-currency prices.

Ongoing Upgrades

Ongoing Upgrades

20 percent of net mining output will be reinvested into new equipment to keep Veden as profitable as possible.

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ElectricityUSD / kWh
OutputExpected 3-Year ROI
Investment RiskOperational Transparency
Ultra-low 0.035
Low / Audited
ASIC @ Home
High 0.12-0.38
113%-244%depends on electricity price
No risk
High 0.098-0.58
108%-239%depends on electricity price
Low or mediumdepends on provider
Genesis mining
Medium to High
*1 VDN = USD 1 = 0.001 ETH | The aforementioned calculations assume a starting BTC price of USD 14,000, starting difficulty level of 2,227,847,638,503, and fluctuation in monthly difficulty between -12% and +12%. Calculations are based on actual market data on January 15, 2018. If bitcoin rises above USD 14,000, the profitability of Veden will then depend more on mining difficulty and may be lower compared to returns from direct speculation in bitcoin.

ROI Calculator

The calculation model linked below is an assumption of returns based on 20% reinvestment strategy for improvement and upgrade of equipment, in order to match the increasing mining difficulty over the next years. If the actual cost for upgrade is lower than 20%, the remaining sum will also be distributed as dividends. It also includes approximate costs of management, as well as the 10% of tokens that are not distributed. The actual figures can be different from the above-mentioned figures. This information should not be regarded as an offer or a solicitation to buy Veden Tokens and is solely a forward-looking assumption.

Why Veden //

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Veden is a cryptocurrency mining and Blockchain infrastructure company which built bitcoin mining datacenters representing over 80MW that are in operation or under construction, with a pipeline of development opportunities in North America, Mexico and now expanding into Norway via the VDN token sale.

The next generation Veden mining facility is located two and a half hours drive from Oslo, Norway. Veden has established a 15 year low-cost and clean electricity agreement with a local hydro utility company. Due to Norway’s stable political and economic environment, this is the best possible location in the world to mine cryptocurrencies at the highest profitability.

The amount of hardware a single mining facility can accommodate will depend on the size of the facility and other relevant factors.

It takes a team of engineers, security and construction experts, and software developers to run even a modest mining facility, not to mention facilities on the scale Veden is planning.

The Veden Team boasts all of the qualifications and competencies to build, install, and operate industrial-sized mining facilities. The team behind Veden is highly experienced, having previously built two-large mining facilities in both Canada and Mexico.

Token Sale
VDN Tokens //

Token Distribution

The basis of the Veden business model is the Veden (VDN) Token. Each VDN Token represents membership in the Veden Community and a share in the output of the best crowdfunded bitcoin mining money can buy.

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply

    100,000,000 VDN

  • Initial Price

    $1.00 USD = 1 VDN token

80 percent of all VDN Tokens shall be available to investors during the Crowdsale. The remaining 20 percent shall be assigned to the ICO Bounty Program (3 percent), Advisory Board (3 percent), Airdrop Campaign (2 percent) and the Founders (12 percent).

Early Investors Receive Exclusive Token Bonuses!

Become a “Founder​” when you contribute in the first $1,000,000 USD in the Veden Private ICO Sale. We appreciate the support so much that all Founders will begin mining bitcoin in an exclusive early batch order!

Investment Amount
Token Bonus
$200 - $999
30%260 - 1,298 VDN
$1,000 - $9,999
40%1,400 - 13,998 VDN
$10,000 - $25,000
50%15,000 - 37,500 VDN
*1 VDN = USD 1 = 0.001 ETH | The aforementioned bonuses assume you are an investor in the Private ICO Sale. Minimum investment amount starts at $200 USD. The Founder's bonus is applied to only those who contribute to the first $1,000,000 USD.

Investor Protection

Veden has partnered with Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) for the use of BIG’s cryptocurrency risk-scoring service, BitRank Verified®, to enhance Veden’s KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol for its ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

BitRank Verified® will enhance Veden’s KYC protocol with an extra layer of security that enables potential ICO investors to:

  • Know Veden’s wallet risk-score ranking prior to submitting any funds
  • Know the individual risk scores of transactions processed to date
  • Confirm that the funds being used are not originating from entities associated with criminal activities

Veden strongly believes in providing investor security and going beyond what minimum requirements are in place. The KYC/AML laws in place are meant to protect both the company initiating the ICO and the investors; however, we believe integrating a risk-scoring product like BitRank Verified® as an extra layer of security and transparency is what’s missing in the ICO market.

Token Sale


Thanks to successfully building out two mining facilities, developing a world-class miner management software and launching various blockchain development services, Veden is positioned to expand into the public market with a world-class team you can count on. What’s next? Veden will launch the Private ICO Sale on November 15th, 2018.


First Mining Farm in Vancouver

Founders build out a 2.2MW mining farm with 700 ASIC mining units and a total hash power capacity of 9.1 Petahash.


Developed Miner Management Software

After learning that existing miner management software was not built for large scale mining, our blockchain engineers developed 'Hashee', the first miner software to conveniently manage and monitor a global mining infrastructure from a single dashboard.


Launched Miner Colocation Services

Turnkey mining services and custom packages tailored to miners: full range of mining services from miner colocation, equipment sales, repairs and maintenance to private blockchain development.


Second Mining Farm in Western Mexico

After reaching full capacity at the Vancouver facility, the company expands operations to Mexico, with a 10MW capacity at $0.05 USD/kWh electricity contract, 5,500 ASIC mining units were deployed, with a total hash power of 70+ Petahash.


Veden Founded

Veden (VDN) is founded by the same team of experienced miners having previously built mining facilities in Canada and Mexico. The decision was then made to open our next expansion to the public via an ICO. Veden plans to create the largest green energy cryptocurrency mining operation in Norway.

August / 2018

Website Launched

October / 2018

Whitepaper Launched

Official Whitepaper Release

November 15th / 2018

Start of Private-ICO Sale

December / 2018

Expected to have raised 10m, order the first batch of miners and announce the Main ICO Sale.

January / 2019

Expected to have reached the Hard Cap and order the next first batch of miners.

February, 2019

Infrastructure ready, miners delivered and installed. Launch of the MaaS dashboard and begin investor payouts.


Veden Advisors


Michael Butler

Research Scientist - MA (Cantab), PhD, CPhys, MInst

Michael has 19 years of research and management experience from Unilever, including several years as Director of R&D responsible for partnership with a diverse set of leading academic groups, innovative SMEs and large suppliers to develop new plastics incorporating graphene. Recognized for successfully creating technology roadmaps for materials science, relevant for both formulation and packaging, and securing funding from senior stakeholders. Michael has an in-depth understanding of product development and champions processes designed to maximize launch success. One of his core strengths is building and managing teams to explore challenging new technical and business areas.


Gaute Juliussen

Graphite & Graphene Expert

Gaute is a leading nanomaterials products developer and manufacturer who joined Veden to focus on using high-quality, non-synthetic graphene material to greatly reduce the carbon print of cryptocurrency mining, improve electricity efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.


Pål Brun

Renewable Energy Management

Co-Founder of Kolos Norway AS, a 30MW green energy data center which was acquired by HIVE Blockchain Inc and Genesis Mining in March, 2018. He is also the founder and MD of Nordic Sustainable Ventures. 12 years’ experience as a management consultant; previously Executive Director/Head of Sustainability Services at PwC and EY Norway. Broad experience from advising professional investors, including several large PE, VC, and infrastructure funds.

Good political and regulatory insights and connections; has previously held several positions for the Conservative Party of Norway.

Veden Team //

Veden Team

It takes a team of engineers, security, construction experts, and software developers to build and maintain a profitable large-scale mining operation. With more than two decades of international experience in data center construction and management, the Veden Team has what it takes to make mining profitable for the entire community.

Supporting them are a top-notch team of advisors, business development experts, design, communications, legal, and community support specialists.


Miguel Palomino

Chief Technology Officer

Miguel is an expert in ITT planning and deployment, hardware supply, network infrastructure, server migrations and cloud services. His experience in crypto-mining goes back to 2014, where he started his own profitable mining operation. In 2016, he joined Veden as CTO and is managing all technical aspects while implementing and adapting new technologies and cryptographic strategy.


Sunni Brooke

Director of Business Development

Sunni is an experienced business development, strategic alliances and acquisitions executive with significant experience in strategy development, ecosystem development, deal structuring and execution, business model innovations, corporate finance, international expansion, and leadership.


Dale Mounsey

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced Chief Marketing Officer: Thought leader in all aspects of integrated marketing strategy development and implementation including branding, market research, channel management, partnership and event marketing, public relations, government relations, direct and digital marketing of both products and services.


Tim Catchpole

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Tim is the Architect and Software Lead for Veden’s system infrastructure. Tim has been working as a principal solutions engineer and business analyst covering different global projects. He is present in the analysis and design of complete solutions starting from the system architecture to the data model of the applications, taking advantage of his strong technical presence unified with his business analysis experience.

Veden Newsletter //

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Veden is a world-class, crowdfunded bitcoin mining operation built and managed by a team of cryptocurrency mining experts on behalf of the Veden Community. Veden Community Members contribute to building a large-scale mining facility and share the output transparently using Ethereum-based “smart contracts”.