Invest in the expansion of the World’s Most Profitable Existing Cryptomining Infrastructure – located in Norway with the cheapest green electricity rates in Europe.

What is Veden //

Cutting-Edge Bitcoin Mining. Crowdfunded.

Not a pool. Not a cloud. Veden is today’s most advanced mining infrastructure with low-cost electricity. So everyone profits. Be a part of it. Join us today.

Monthly Payouts

Monthly Payouts

Each month you get your share of what Veden mines for as long as you own your VDN Tokens.

Ultra-Low-Cost Electricity

Ultra-Low-Cost Electricity

At $0.026 EUR / kWh, Veden will have the lowest electricity rates in Europe.

Lifetime Token

Lifetime Token

VDN Tokens will receive mining profits for the life of the project – as long as mining remains profitable.

80% Community, 20% Operations

80% Community, 20% Operations

80 percent of all VDN Tokens will be available to the public during our the Crowdsale.

As a Veden Community Member, you will earn, on average, 41% more than by mining at home. Veden spends 60% less on electricity and 17% less on hardware.


Best Location: Norway

Best Location: Norway

Porsgrunn, Norway is ideal in terms of low-cost electricity and supply stability as well as its Northern climate that keeps equipment cool.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Veden is managed by leading cryptocurrency mining experts who have what it takes.

A Secure Bitcoin Investment

A Secure Bitcoin Investment

Even if BTC drops to $1800–$2800, your investment in Veden can generate about a 12% annual return.

Ongoing Upgrades

Ongoing Upgrades

20 percent of net mining output will be reinvested into new equipment to keep Veden as profitable as possible.

The Profit “Cushion”: Mining vs BTC Speculation

Even if BTC should drop to $1800–$2800, your investment in Veden can still generate about a 12% profit per year. Because we are mining, not buying.

Compare Mining Options

Colocation? Cloud Mining? Veden? Who gives you the best deal?

ElectricityEUR / kWh
OutputExpected 3-Year ROI
Scam RiskOperational Transparency
Ultra-low 0.026
Low / Audited
ASIC @ Home
High 0.12-0.38
113%-244%depends on electricity price
No risk
High 0.098-0.58
108%-239%depends on electricity price
Low or mediumdepends on provider
Genesis mining
Very low
*1 VDN = USD 1 = 0.001 ETH | The aforementioned calculations assume a starting BTC price of USD 14,000, starting difficulty level of 2,227,847,638,503, and fluctuation in monthly difficulty between -12% and +12%. Calculations are based on actual market data on January 15, 2018. If bitcoin rises above USD 14,000, the profitability of Veden will then depend more on mining difficulty and may be lower compared to returns from direct speculation in bitcoin.
Why Veden //

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Veden is a cryptocurrency mining and Blockchain infrastructure company which currently owns bitcoin mining datacenters representing over 80MW that are in operation or under construction, with a pipeline of development opportunities in North America, Mexico and now expanding into Norway via the VDN token sale.

The next generation Veden mining facility will be located in Porsgrunn, Norway. Veden has established a 15 year low-cost and clean electricity contract with a local hydro utility company. Due to Norway’s stable political and economical environment, this is the best possible location in the world to mine cryptocurrencies at the highest probability.

How much hardware a single mining facility can accommodate will depend on the size of the facility and other relevant factors. Depending on how many VDN tokens are sold during the ICO will determine if mining will begin in a single or multiple facilities.

It takes a team of engineers, security and construction experts, and software developers to run even a modest mining facility, not to mention facilities on the scale Veden is planning.

The Veden Team boasts all of the qualifications and competencies to build, install, and operate industrial-sized mining facilities. Having previously built two large-scale mining facilities in both Canada and Mexico, the team behind Veden are highly experienced operators.

Token Sale
VDN Tokens //

Token Distribution

The basis of the Veden business model is the Veden (VDN) Token. Each VDN Token represents membership in the Veden Community and a share in the output of the best crowdfunded bitcoin mining money can buy.

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply

    100,000,000 VDN

  • Initial Price

    $1.00 USD = 1 VDN token

80 percent of all VDN Tokens shall be available to public contributors during the Crowdsale. The remaining 20 percent shall be assigned to the ICO Bounty Program (3 percent), Advisory Board (3 percent), Airdrop Campaign (2 percent) and the Founders (12 percent).

Token Sale


Thanks to successfully building out two mining facilities, developing a world-class miner management software and launching various blockchain development services, Veden is positioned to expand into the public market with a world-class team you can count on. What’s next? Veden will launch the VDN token in Q3/2018. VDN is the smartest way to profit from crypto currency mining today.


First Mining Farm in Vancouver

Founders build out a 2.2MW mining farm, around 700 ASIC mining units are deployed there, with a total hash power capacity of 9.1 Petahash.


Developed Miner Management Software

After learning that existing miner management software was not built for large scale mining, our blockchain engineers developed 'Hashee', the first miner software to conveniently manage and monitor a global mining infrastructure from a single dashboard.


Launched Miner Colocation Services

Turnkey mining services and custom packages tailored to miners: full range of mining services from miner colocation, equipment sales, maintenance and repair to private blockchain development.


Second Mining Farm in Guadalajara

After reaching full capacity at the Vancouver facility, the company expands operations to Mexico, with a 10MW capacity at $0.05 USD/kWh electricity contract, around 5,500 ASIC mining units are deployed, with a total hash power of 70+ Petahash.


Veden Founded

Veden (VDN) is founded by the same team of experienced miners having previously built mining facilities in Canada and Mexico. The decision to open up the next expansion to the public via an ICO to deploy the world's largest crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation.

July / 2018

Website Launched

August / 2018

Whitepaper Launched

Official Whitepaper Release

September / 2018

Sign electricity contract & begin facility construction

October / 2018

Start of Crowdsale

November / 2018

Crowdsale Ends

November / 2018

First Equipment Order

December / 2018

First Equipment Delivery

December / 2018

Mining Starts

Veden Team //

Veden Team

It takes a team of engineers, security, construction experts, and software developers to build and maintain a profitable large-scale mining operation. With more than two decades of international experience in data center construction and management, the Veden Team has what it takes to make mining profitable for the entire community.

Supporting them are a top-notch team of advisors, business development experts, design, communications, legal, and community support specialists. Read more about them below.


Miguel Palomino

CTO and Co-Founder

Miguel is an expert in ITT planning and deployment, hardware supply, network infrastructure, server migrations and cloud services. His experience in crypto-mining goes back to 2014, where he started his own profitable mining operation. In 2016, he joined Veden as CTO and is managing all technical aspects while implementing and adapting new technologies and cryptographic strategy.


Kathreen Cammayo

CFO and Co-Founder

Kathreen is a Chartered Professional Accountant, practicing in Vancouver, BC. Specializing in blockchain technology and advisory, Kathreen has provided expertise to several start-up cryptocurrency mining firms, fin-tech development companies and advisory to regulatory bodies on the promise and regulation of blockchain technology.


Dale Mounsey

CMO and Co-Founder

Experienced Chief Marketing Officer: Thought leader in all aspects of integrated marketing strategy development and implementation including branding, market research, channel management, partnership and event marketing, public relations, government relations, direct and digital marketing of both products and services.


Sunni Brooke

Director of Business Development

Sunni is an experienced business development, strategic alliances and acquisitions executive with significant experience in strategy development, ecosystem development, deal structuring and execution, business model innovations, corporate finance, international expansion, and leadership.


Emi Kamito

Community Manager

Experienced communicator, marketer, digital PR and social media professional, advising companies as a strategist, editor, consultant and community manager. Emi is currently managing several social media networks, managing community outreach, solidifying partnerships, and acts as liaison between marketing, business development, and tech managers.

Veden Newsletter //

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Veden is a world-class, crowdfunded bitcoin mining operation built and managed by a team of cryptocurrency mining experts on behalf of the Veden Community. Veden Community Members contribute to building mining a large-scale mining infrastrucutre and share the output transparently using Ethereum-based “smart contracts”.