About Us

Veden is a Canadian technology company with extensive crypto mining experience. We have built mining farms in both Canada and Mexico.
That experience made us realize the miners we were buying from China were badly made, inefficient and hard to service. They also had a short life span and replacement parts were difficult to obtain.
So we decided the only answer was to develop our own state of the art miners produced in North America

We have assembled a world class group of experts to design and build a better Bitcoin miner. We have created a miner that will last longer operate quieter and with more efficiency. It comes with western standards of quality customer service and support.

Our team consists of engineers (electrical, mechanical, software and industrial) in Cambridge England , Israel, the U.S and Mexico. Mexico will provide low cost manufacturing. 

Corporate and support personnel are located in the US, and Vancouver, BC Canada.

Bob Edwards


Mr Edwards is the CEO and director of the company, Mr. Edwards has been in the crypto space for the past 4 years, during which time he developed 2 mining farms, one in Canada and one in Mexico. Vancouver, BC Canada.

Miguel Palomino


Miguel Palomino is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field, he started getting involved in cryptocurrency mining and blockchain development 4 years ago, he developed administration software for 2 mining farms. Vancouver - Canada.

Lawrence Cofield, PMP

VP of Operations

Prior to joining Veden Mining Lawrence was the Global Account Manager for TAAL (Coingeek). Lawrence’s duties at TAAL included overseeing the procurement, deployment and management of 280,000 ASCI miners in 41 data centres in 5 different countries. He was responsible for negotiating the data centre contracts and enforcing the SLA hash rate uptime globally. He ran TAAL’s global miner ‘repair & return’ program. Vancouver, BC Canada.

Brenda Gonzalez

Lead Enginner

Brenda is an electronic engineer with a Masters of Science degree (Specialty in Electronic Instrumentation), She has been working in software to integrate electrical systems and HMI’s with Computers to make advanced systems. Baja California - Mexico.

Damian Maciel

Chief Engineer

Damian is a Mechanical Engineer with a master in machinery and equipment valuation, with extensive experience in Inventory Management, Production Management & Project Management, In-depth knowledge of Lean Tools, Six Sigma and ISO -9001-2000 quality norms. Baja California - Mexico.

Ph.D. Luis Carlos Básaca

Research and Development Leader

Professor Researcher, Academic Coordinator - Cybernetics Electronics Engineering at CETYS Universidad Mexicali

We are pleased to have the support of CETYS University a member of WASC
They are providing additional technology equipment and early stage assembly space to our company

The environment is very important to us. It is estimated that only 20% of cryptominers are recycled, the rest end up as electronic waste in landfills

Although Veden's programmable chips give our miners a significantly longer life we will eventually introduce our recycling program for outdated parts

Our mission is to build quality over quantity, we will be servicing small to medium size clients. This will allow us to provide excellent service and the quality and support they deserve