The VedenMiner

Congratulations for Deciding to Take Action with Veden Today!

We have 3 ways for you to be involved with us.

1. Pre-Sale Pledge for ONE Machine for $2500

This gets you one machine as soon as they are ready to ship, and comes with the Option to Purchase 10 additional machines per distribution rules in #2.

2. Join our Priority Update List

Dowload and register our mobile app and accept push notifications to get first right of refusal for miners remaining AFTER all Pre-Sale Orders are Filled. Further instructions and rules will follow on the next page IF you select Option 2.

VedenMiner Distribution will be as follows: For each Pre-Sale miner shipped, one person on this list will get the right to purchase a miner until Pre-Sale list is complete, then for each option of 10 bought or passed on, one more from this list will be given the right to purchase.

3.  Join our Regular Email Updates List

This will allow you to stay informed of our progress but not be in priority to purchase.