1Why we are better than other miners
There are many reasons why Veden’s bitcoin miner is better. - made in America, means better quality, more reliability also helps decentralize the stranglehold China has on miners and mining - programmable chips for longer life and money saving - half the electricity requirement for much greater profitability - North American standards of service and support - members can be part of a community that believes in the future of crypto and it’s ability to help create financial equality for individuals everywhere.
2How can you be more efficient than higher TH miners
Because our Watt-TH ratio is lower, therefore you need less electricity to mine BTC
3Where are you located
Our customer support personal are located in Vancouver,
We have an assembly facility in Mexicali B.C Mexico and another one in Calexico CA USA.
4Do you have experience in the field
We built 2 bitcoin mining facilities one facility in Vancouver B.C Canada and other one in Mexico.
5How can you accomplish 68TH @ 100 watts
We use a more efficient approach than the regular miners, who use "brute force" to decrypt and therefore they waste a lot of electricity. We have a different algorithm that consumes much less electricity, and the result is more TH per Watt and less heat and noise. We use 4 fans at *18watts (not the type of fans for ASIC miners), FPGA chips *22.5watts, Computer *18watts.